Are there any requirements?  
You must be 18 years of age or older.
You will need a private quiet work location.
You will need one incoming phone line.
You must have a valid photo ID,
We hire from any country.
How are calls routed to me?  
Calls are routed directly to your telephone through our call center.
You will not incur any phone charges.
When can I sign on?  
You can sign on anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
How much can I expect to make?  
The amount of time you choose to dedicate relates directly to how much you can earn.
The more time you dedicate, the more calls you will get, which translates into more profit for you.
What are the commission rates?  
LIVE CALLS 60% 40%
WEB CHAT 60% 40%
PAID MAIL 50% 50%
GOODIES 50% 50%
TRIBUTES 50% 50%

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You understand and agree that:

MidNiteSecrets shall own all rights, title and interest to any of the toll-free numbers, phone numbers or extension numbers assigned to you.
MidNiteSecrets may change your toll-free number, phone number and/or extension number at any time in its’ sole and absolute discretion.
You will have no right, title and interest to any listing name in connection with MidNiteSecrets services.
Phone numbers, toll-free numbers, extensions and listing names may be recycled by MidNiteSecrets to other users of MidNiteSecrets services if you are not actively using them or your agreement has been terminated.

Further, you hereby grant to MidNiteSecrets, its’ distribution partners, affiliates and similar third-party website/media providers of MidNiteSecrets choice, the right to use, copy, distribute, display or reference in any media form your listing information, including without limitation, your user name, tags, descriptions, photos, MidNiteSecrets buttons, phone numbers and extensions.

When do you send commission checks?  
Checks are issued Bi-weekly Fridays.
Who pays my taxes?  
As an Independent Contractor you are solely responsible for reporting all income earned to the proper federal and state tax authorities. Taxes will not be deducted from your commissions. All income will be reported to the IRS on a 1099 at year end.
Will I get more calls if I can do ethnic accents & Domination?  
Yes, the more niches that you can successfully fill will result in a higher call volume.
Will my calls be monitored?  
We do NOT monitor calls for the privacy of our customers.
Do I have to take credit card information?  
No. All clients are pre approved before they are routed to the Midnite Star.
Will I have to do my own advertising?  
No. We supply you with the calls.


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